Grab This Gear: iPad Cases For The Beach

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Grab This Gear is a new column that will highlight some of the choice entertainment gizmos available for your enjoyment. Sure, you could spend your hard-earned paycheck on food and shelter, but that won’t earn you any street cred.

First up are some new clothes for your coveted iPad. At the beach, we prefer watching movies on our iPad over reading the latest chick-lit, but regardless of your choice, you need a case to keep the sand, water and melted Popsicles from ruining your it.


Elegant, stylish and just a little bit fragile—that’s (you)r iPad in a nutshell. And when it comes to elegant, stylish and fragile creations, no matter how tough they look, what they really need is to be held tight and told everything’s going to be OK. It’s nothing to be ashamed of; and once you get a load of our favorite iPad cases you’ll see just how proud you can be of needing a little TLC.


Headcase Etch A Sketch Hard Case for iPad – Red

Best iPad Cases

Selling for a mere $40, this is the ultimate choice for the kid at heart. While the knobs do absolutely nothing, the bright red mock Etch-A-Sketch facade does scream fun without going overboard. It may make your iPad look like a toy, but it provides some very serious protection. Its high-impact resistant plastic is able to protect your device from minor bumps. It is also remarkably light which totally complements the iPad’s superior portability.


Clear Silicone Skin Case

Best iPad Cases

For a minimalist and cheap approach, why not consider the Clear Silicone iPad case? Available for about $8, the package even comes with a free screen guard which gives your Apple iPad good all-around protection. The treated silicone material is both dirt and stain resistant. Should it get a little cruddy after constant use, it is totally safe to wash with water and some mild detergent.


Piel Frama Premium Leather Case

Best iPad Cases

Those with a little more cash to spare, should give the Piel Frama iPad case a closer look. Handcrafted by Spanish leather artisans, these leather cases are so luxurious and are extremely exquisite. The magnetic locking mechanism ensures that your iPad is snug and secure inside the portfolio design. The case also doubles as a stand so proud owners can show off their shiny new iPad and THE leather case.


tyPad Gen2 Case for iPad with Built-in Bluetooth Keyboard

Best iPad Cases

Although the iPad’s virtual keyboard is comfortable to use, some may prefer a real keyboard. Typad’s $70 offering is not only an iPad case, it also doubles as a keyboard to complement your tablet. The case is made from quality leatherette and can also be converted into a stand to prop up your iPad. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth to enhance your iPad experience.


Apple iPad Smart Cover

Best iPad Cases

Apple zombies are sure to pick up this little baby for $29. Apple’s official iPad case has a soft but sturdy outer shell and a nice microfiber interior to better caress your shiny new gizmo. It comes in a neat matte black finish with the ubiquitous Apple logo adorning the front case. This case can be folded both vertically and horizontally so you can enjoy your iPad at virtually any angle.

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