There have been many movies made about ghosts, and here the best ghost movies of all time. For some reason, more than any other supernatural phenomenon, ghosts are something that many people believe in. Whether it is because we would simply like to believe them or it simply seems possible, people gravitate towards films dealing with ghosts and the following are the best.

  1. "Ghost." Patrick Swayze stars as a man who is murdered by his best friend and partner who preys upon his wife, played by Demi Moore.  Unable to pass over, Swayze must find a way to help his wife and find out who has killed him and why. Once he realizes that his friend is in fact responsible for his murder, he seeks the help of a psychic played by Whoopi Goldberg. Swayze is able to save his wife Molly and even gets to be with her one last time as "Unchained Melody" plays in the background. It is one last chance to say goodbye, and it is one of the most touching scenes in all of filmmaking.

  2. "The Sixth Sense." It is a close second to "Ghost." In this ghost movie, Bruce Willis is a child psychologist who fails one of his patients. In a fit of rage, the grown up patient breaks into Willis' home and shoots him. Months pass, and Willis has taken on a new client, Haley Joel Osmond. We find out that this tormented boy sees dead people who want something from them. He also says that some of them don't even know they are dead. In the end, Willis helps the boy expose a mother that has murdered her own child by poisoning her. Finally with a sense of peace, Osmand is able to deal with this unusual ability . Willis now feeling a sense of atonement, seeks to repair his own relationship, only to find that he, in fact, died when he was shot. It's the ultimate twist and a great ghost movie.

  3. "Ghost Busters." One comedy needs to make the list of best ghost movies. Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, and Harold Ramis star is this quirky film that is about a group of men that studied the occult only to lose their jobs. They decide to become Ghost Busters, but they end up being asked to save New York itself when a portal has been opened that has allowed evil spirits to cross over. In some of the most memorable scenes, namely the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man, this ghost film is one of a kind. It's a lighter look at a serious subject and it was wildly popular. It cannot be left off the best ghost films ever.