If you’ve been yearning for something new and exciting to do, this list of the best free iPad apps for gaming might be of use to you. One of the iPad’s greatest features is its large screen; what better way to take advantage of this than playing some highly detailed and engaging iPad apps? If you’re ready to get some good, clean fun out of your iPad without spending a dime, check this list out!

"Godfinger All-Stars for iPad."

This game is an action-packed sim that allows you to play god in your own virtual worldl! "Godfinger All-Stars" is a game that centers completely around you controlling and cultivating your very own planet full of “followers.” Followers are little silly-dressed people that roam your planet and work to bring you more moolah! As the game progresses, you’ll build more structures, buy decorations for your planet, control the weather, and maintain your followers’ wellbeing! If you’re into "Sims"-like games that allow you to micro-manage the heck out of your subjects, this is the game for you.

"Angry Birds Lite."

This game brings you massively popular iPhone/iPod Touch game straight to your iPad. In the game of "Angry Birds," the objective is quite simple. Use your allotted amount of birds to tear down structures that house their enemies, the evil green pigs. Kill all the pigs without using all of your birds, and you’ll successfully clear the level. What makes the game so wildly addictive is its clear and high resolution, incredible grasp on physics, destruction and so much more. If you’re into making things go crack and boom, "Angry Birds Lite" is the game for you. It’s definitely one of the best free iPad apps available on the App Store right now.

"Air Hockey Gold."

In this game, you can play a realistic game of air hockey against a computer or a friend. If you’re into simple games that can provide a whole lot of fun, you’ll probably want to check out "Air Hockey Gold." This game allows you simulate a real air hockey game by using killer physics and controllable game pieces. You can either choose to play against the computer or a friend (which can make the game a lot more fun). In the category of exciting table games, "Air Hockey Gold" takes the cake for one of the best free iPad apps.


"Checkers Free HD."

If you like classic board games, you'll find that this is one of the best iPad apps available. "Checkers Free HD" is the virtual "Checkers" game that you don’t have to clean up afterwards. Play a classic game of "Checkers" against the computer or even a play a friend! The game’s options can even be configured to allow varying difficulty, customizable player names, and forcing of a capture. There’s no need to spend money on a concrete "Checkers" game when you can just download this puppy for free!

"Pocket Legends."

Any MMO fan needs to grab a copy of this great title for the iPad. If you’re a fan of playing detailed and rich MMORPG’s, then this is the game for you. It’s mobile and packed with tons of players ready to team up and kick butt with you. The game is completely in 3D, allowing a real sense of gameplay among players and awesome graphics. Be prepared to spend a lot of time playing though, because it’s quite addicting!