When you get your blu ray player up and running you may wonder, what are the best blu ray movies to watch? The truth is any action packed adventure movie. The best blu ray movies are the ones with lots of action. And since a blu ray players plays in true surround sound, as long as you have the set up, the more intense the sound effects the better.

  1. “12 Rounds” is packed with action from start to finish. You have high speed chases, explosions, wreckless driving, and a runaway cable car. The action never stops and that is what makes “12 Rounds” a one of the best blu Ray movies available. The blu ray offers a digital copy, extreme cut version, and a theatrical version of the movie. 

  2. “Iron Man 2” was fabulous on DVD just imagine the intensity of it as a blu ray movie. The graphics are intense and the surround sound makes you feel as if you are there, in the middle of it all. The blu ray version gives you a directors commentary, special features disc, and much much more than is available on the ordinary DVD.

  3. “Avatar” is another great choice for one of the best blu ray movies. Although it may not seem like a nature choice for some, seeing the “Avatar” on blu ray provides HD clarity for one of the best blu ray choices. If you are looking to buy the "Avatar" blu ray be aware that there are two versions available. One is nothing but the movie, but the other gives you all the nifty extras we have grown accustom to. 

  4. “Transformers” was a long awaited for movie in itself, but to see and hear it on blu ray changes the whole thing. The graphics are simply amazing and to see Optimum Prime on blu ray could only be topped by seeing it in 3-d. The blu ray offer a short documentary called "Our World", commentary from the cast and crew, and cool feature called Tech Inspector that allows you to check out the transformers close up for more detail. 

  5. “Die Hard Collection” gives you all four “Die Hard” movies. What could possibly be a better weekend in front of the television than the testosterone packed “Die Hard” movies. The blu ray will make you feel as if the explosions and gun shots are happening all around you instead of just in front of you. The blu ray version is loaded with extras. Commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers, and alternate endings are just the tip of the iceberg.

-Sandy Baird