With The Avengers poised to earn every money this weekend, it's safe to say that the film's already pretty famous stars are in no danger of going without work. While dressing in skintight costumes and clunky armor while running around pretending to be superheroes would normally get you banned from school zones, it really shouldn't hurt their image. And believe it or not, it's not the silliest thing they've ever had to do on camera. I looked back into the film history of Earth's premiere fighting force to find their more embarrassing roles. More embarrassing then wearing underwear over their pants, anyways.

Jeremy Renner - Senior Trip

Before he threw himself into mortal danger in The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner was an actor looking for his big break. It certainly didn't come when he booked his first role as Mark "Dags" D'Agastino in National Lampoon's Senior Trip. The floppy-haired, study-hatin' rad party dude traveled to Washington with the rest of his class after writing a letter to the President about how much school sucks. Apparently the President agreed 100% and invited them as his honored guests to discuss how to make class lessons as awesome as beer is.

This was the Clinton administration we're talking about here.

Scarlett Johansson - My Brother the Pig

She's an international star nowadays regarded for her beauty and poise, but Scarlett Johansson was once much like every other girl. She had to worry about school and popularity and not getting grounded after accidentally turning her brother into a pig.

And shame on you, Eva Mendes. You were old enough to know better.

Mark Ruffalo - Just Like Heaven

Mark Ruffalo doesn't really have too many pre-fame skeletons in his closet. Those roles came after he broke out of indies with You Can Count On Me. In the romantic comedy Just Like Heaven, Ruffalo plays a man who agrees to help Reese Witherspoon's spirit settle her Earthly affairs so that she can pass on to the afterlife. This required he take a stab at physical comedy and tolerate Jon Heder. Eh, it's a paycheck.

Chris Hemsworth - Dancing with the Stars

You would think that acting in Thor was the most ridiculous thing Chris Hemsworth ever had to do. Not true. That honor goes to the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars. In 2006, Hemsworth starred in the Aussie soap Home and Away. That notoriety lead to him shaking his tailfeather on the competitive dance program. Look at that outfit. This and Thor are proof enough that Chris Hemsworth will let you dress him however you wish.

Chris Evans - Cellular

Chris Evans has his fair share of shaky movies. Though he's always the best part of them, the projects themselves can skid into turd territory. The worst offender is Cellular. Playing an average everyday college kid, Evans is called into action when he receives a distress call from a stranger. What follows is high-speed stunt driving, gun-wielding, parkour, karate fights, and Dat Phan's impression of his mom.

Robert Downey Jr. - The Shaggy Dog

I like to think RDJr took The Shaggy Dog during his "rebuilding" period. But still, damn.