Beer and football is old news. What's hip these days is drinking beer to beer movies, especially funny beer movies. Get yourself a 30 pack and a large pizza and watch the following films. 

"Three Little Beers". Stooge extraordinaires Moe, Larry and Curley work jobs delivering beer for Panther Brewing Company in this seventeen minute short movie from 1935. On their way to deliver a truckload of kegs, the Stooges receive a flyer for a golf tournament; grand prize is 100 bucks, and fourth prize is a keg of beer. Instead of delivering beer, they play golf, cause considerable property damage and end up destroying the town with tumbling barrels after getting chased off the golf course. 

"American Beer". This 2004 documentary directed by Paul Kermizian features people actually drinking beer instead of destroying it in a car chase. Five guys embark on a road trip to 38 breweries in 40 days. They interview entrepreneurs of the beer industry and get incredibly wasted along the way. "American  Beer" is widely acclaimed by beer nerds and brewers alike. 


"Beer League". Artie DeVanzo, played by Artie Lange of Howard Stern fame, is an unemployed thirty-something drunk who still lives with his mother in this 2006 movie. Artie's softball team is in danger of getting thrown out of the league, and they need to get their acts together to save their spot. All they really know how to do is start brawls with opposing teams. "Karate Kid" star Ralph Macchio co-stars with Artie as one of his drinking buddies. Be ready for lots of pre-game warm up sessions that involve drinking at the bar, bachelor parties and topless women. The humor is crude, raw, crass and just plain wrong, so you're in for a treat. 

"Strange Brew". In this 1983 film directed by Rick Moranis, Moranis and Dave Thomas are Bob and Doug McKenzie, two unemployed brothers who try to blackmail a liquor store for free Elsinore beer and end up working for the brewery instead. In their plot, the brothers plant a mouse in a beer bottle and raise hell at the store. When that doesn't work, they take it up with the beer company and land a gig inspecting beer for mice. During their inspections, they discover that the owner has a secret plot to take over the world by planting mind control drugs in the beer.

"Animal House". If you haven't seen this 1978 "National Lampoon" fraternity classic, then you've probably been living on one of the moons of Venus all this time, and you probably still don't know that Venus doesn't even have moons. The Delta Tau Chi house is out of control, and Dean Vernon Wormer (John Vernon) plans to evict the entire fraternity. He enlists the frat boys of Omega to frame the Delta house, but the plan backfires. After a wild party when Otter (Tim Matheson) sleeps with Wormer's alcoholic wife and another member hooks up with the mayor's 13-year-old drunk daughter, the dean finally makes his stand. That is until Otter (John Belushi) makes a grand historically inaccurate motivational speech. The boys then get their revenge through outrageous practical jokes. 

"Beerfest". Jay Chandrasekhar directed this classic 2006 beer flick. Jan and Todd Wolfhouse (Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) travel to Germany to disperse the ashes of their dead grandfather in accordance with family tradition. They are led to a secret drinking game competition called Beerfest, where their German relatives accuse grandpa and his mother of all kinds of outlandish things. To get their revenge, they train all year to beat their silly relatives. Turns out, grandpa really was a beer recipe thief, and great grandma was a prostitute.