Battle Of The Bowls: Best Bowl Cuts On The Silver Screen

Thursday, September 1 by
Nice haicut! 

The upcoming comedy starring Nick Swardson, Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star, features a titular character with an unusual hair style: the perennially infamous bowl cut. But while Bucky Larson is the latest movie character to feature The Cut, he’s far from the first. In case you’re interested in brushing up on your bowl cut movie history, here are a few of the best bowl cuts in movies.

Moe Howard, The Three Stooges

Long considered the immortal King of the Bowl Cut, Moe of the comedy troupe The Three Stooges remains the bowl cut by which all other bowl cuts are judged. And unlike many of the cinematic bowl cut wearers to follow, Moe isn’t some milquetoast dork – he’s a badass who makes his points through violent eyejabs if necessary.

Jim Carrey, Dumb and Dumber

In order to embody the character of Lloyd Christmas in the Farrell brothers‘ breakthrough Dumb and Dumber, star Jim Carrey chose to enter the ranks of cinematic bowl cuts. So legendary was Jim Carrey’s bowl cut in this movie that he has completely divorced himself from the bowl cut for the rest of his career. Might The Number 23 have been a box office success if he’d worn a bowl cut in it? The world … may never know.

John Paul, George, and Ringo, A Hard Day’s Night

The four clean lads otherwise known as The Beatles might be more famous for the shaggy mop-style hair they wore later in their careers, but photographic evidence shows that they were definitely rocking bowl cuts in this, their first movie.  It’s not known whether they were going for comedic effect, or if they just thought bowl cuts looked cool. Either way, it’s The Beatles, man.

Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men

Anton Chigurh, much like the bowl cut itself, has often been referred to as the embodiment of evil itself. So it only makes sense that Javier Bardem would stretch his head to fit the bowl when he signed on to play Mr. Chigurh. According to Hollywood lore, when Bardem saw his bowl cut for this first time, he was heard to say “I’m not going to be laid for three months.” A small price to pay for fashion!

Damien, The Omen (2006)

While the 70s and 80s were considered the heyday of the bowl cut, here’s an example of what some may call bowl cut irony: The original The Omen, from 1976, featured a Damien without a bowl cut, while the 2006 remake, well after the era of the bowl cut, had a bowl cut Damien for its tiny antichrist/son of Satan/whatever Damien is. And why not? Can you think of a more demonic hairstyle than the bowl cut? It makes a spiky mohawk look like a Stephen Colbert professional newsman ‘do.

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