Batman Has Nipples: 7 Of The Worst Superhero Costumes In TV And Film

Friday, January 6 by Irving Oala


Bad superhero costumes in TV and film are tough to narrow down, as superheroes and villains alike have been mis-dressed by costume departments for decades. These outfits are laughably bad and often are part of the larger puzzle that created a bad superhero film or TV show in the first place. Check out 7 of the worst superhero costumes in TV and film, listed below.


Batman in "Batman & Robin".

Batman Nipples.jpg

Batman was given nipples on his costume in Joel Schumacher's inept attempt at trying to direct an installment of the Batman franchise, making this one of the worst superhero costumes in a much respected franchise. Why this decision was made on top of the terrible story and direction doesn't necessarily matter and it even makes this awful movie slightly more enjoyable.


Captain Nice in "Captain Nice."

Captain Nice.JPG

NBC attempted to cash in on ABC's success with the "Batman" franchise in the late 60's and only managed to create Captain Nice. It was a sitcom about a Momma's boy who thought of himself as a superhero and had a costume that was similar to pajama pants and tennis shoes.


Automan in "Automan."


One of the most forgettably bad superhero series ever made, 1983's "Automan" is undoubtedly one of the worst superhero costumes in TV and film. A computer programmer creates a crime fighting hologram, that consisted of a brightly lit LED system that just looked awful on TV in the early 80's.


The Punisher in "The Punisher."

Punisher dolph lundgren.jpg

This entry into the list of 7 of the worst superhero costumes in TV and film is unique because The Punisher character, played by Dolph Lundgren, didn't even have a costume that signified he was The Punisher. They couldn't have even put a skull on his t-shirt? C'mon!


Steel in "Steel."

Steel shaq.jpg

Basketball star Shaq slam dunks one of the worst superhero costumes everwith the ridiculous outfit they put him in for "Steel," the DC comics adaptation about a former weapons designer who builds a suit out of (guess what) steel and wields a big hammer. It is better known and costumed in the franchise "Iron Man" today.


Wonder Woman in "Wonder Woman."

Wonder Woman linda carter.jpg

The early 1970's saw a TV version of "Wonder Woman" as well as a made for TV movie, which was less then memorable. However, the titular star's outfit made it notable as one of the worst Superhero costumes of all time, as it basically consisted of different colored spandex with a belt. While the outfit is terrible Linda Carter's perfect frame save the day. 


Captain America in "Captain America."

Captain America tv movie.jpg

The costume for the lead in this TV movie of "Captain America" verges on being one of the worst of all time. The star is basically given a demolition helmet, tights that are patriotic colors and a plexiglass shield. Superhero Patriotism was clearly at an all time low when this film was made in the late 70's.

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