Numerous basketball movies have been made over the years, most likely because basketball is such an exciting and entertaining game with sports highlights that can produce a lot of drama. However, certain basketball movies are better than others, based primarily on the story but also on the stars and the way the movie is shot and produced. Below is a list of the best basketball movies ever made that you should definitely see if you love both the sport and movies.

"He Got Game." A Spike Lee joint about playing basketball and coming to grips with yourself as a man who plays basketball, "He Got Game" is one of the best basketball movies both for its direction and the performance of its star, one of the best actors out there: Denzel Washington. This film is not corny, just good and about the game and the people who play it.

"Hoosiers." A bit corny these days, this has always been one of the best basketball movies as it was the first great basketball movie. The story is about a small school from Indiana who does everything they can to win the state championship. Gene Hackman gives a number of great speeches, and this film set the tone for most of the other basketball movies out there.

"White Men Can't Jump." One of the funniest basketball movies ever made, this gem stars Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes as two street ball hustlers working the courts of Venice Beach for extra money and some personal respect. It's a great film about basketball, but a better film about Los Angeles and the hustlers who have lived there.

"Blue Chips." Starring Nick Nolte and real basketball star Shaquille O'Neal, this basketball movie took on the corruption in the college game about how players are paid-off and constantly cheating. It is one of the few political films about corruption in sports, a type which should have more of out there.

"Above the Rim." This basketball movie has become a classic primarily for the time in which it came out. And, of course, there's star Tupac Shakur who was just coming into his own as one of he most influential people of the 1990s. It also has great basketball moves and a soundtrack to boot.

- Eli Kooris