We have all read lists about what movies are supposed to be the best, but what about a bad movie list. Not just movies that bored us to tears or movies that weren't all they were cracked up to be. These bad movies were so bad that we wish would go go back in time and get the hours back that was spent watching them.

  1. “Showgirls” This movie was truly awful. The plot was predictable. The acting was horrible. The characters were shallow and mindless. Every single part of this bad movie could have used some immense improvement.

  2. “Van Helsing” The best thing this movie had going for it was the name of Hugh Jackman. The problem may have been the writing or the actors but there was no soul to the characters or chemistry in the air.

  3. “Max Payne” This movie would have better off left as a video game. The characters were flat. Viewers should have been drawn into the pain felt from the loss of Max's wife and baby but it just wasn't there.

  4. “Glitter” Not only was the movie predictable but the writing was horrible. Most scripts are overwritten to create drama and intrigue but something was forgotten. The dream is a beautiful one. A young girl turning her life around but as predictable as an tomatoes turning red when it is ripe.

  5. “Gigli” This movie should have been a hit with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck but they definitely missed the boat on this one. There was no chemistry between the stars. She may be a lesbian but there needed to be something to pull viewers into the story.

  6. “Batman and Robin” A bright neon backdrop replaces the muted colors that fans are use to seeing in Gotham City. The acting left something to be desired and the costumes. Really were the plastic nipple really necessary? Luckily people based the movie on the popularity of the actors instead of the actual movie itself or it never would have made it to the box office.