Awesome movie babies steal the show in movies in which they appear. Sometimes one baby is really twins or even more than that, as you will see. The babies are funny and endearing and remain in our memories when we think of the specific movies.

  1. "Babies" is an amazing documentary that follows four babies in different parts of the world in the first year of their lives. With no narration at all, we get to just sit and watch for over an hour the happy times, the tearful times, and how they react to everything and everyone around them. The differences in the culture of Namibia, Mongolia, Tokyo and San Francisco is quite an education.

  2. "Three Men And a Baby" is a charming and humorous movie about three bachelors trying to take care of an abandoned baby. The antics of Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, and Steve Guttenberg is added to the charm of little Mary keeping viewers in stitches. The diaper-changing scenes and the fellows singing a lullaby are famous. 

  3. "Raising Arizona," a 1987 film, has Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter playing a couple who snatches one of quintuplets in order to have a baby. This is the film that used the most babies, fifteen in number, to play the five babies in the movie!

  4. "Look Who's Talking" featured Bruce Willis' voice in a cute baby. This classic has the baby as a wise-cracking one who tells about life from his point of view.  

  5. "Baby Boom" has a precocious baby with the rosiest, chubbiest cheeks that you cannot stop looking at! Diane Keaton is a career woman who inherits a baby and tries to be "Super Mom" as she struggles to deal with both her work and her baby duties. 

  6. "Jack and Sarah" Little Sarah is adorable and is played by twins. Jack is a London lawyer who loses his wife in childbirth and tries to leave Sarah in the care of her grandparents. However, they return Sarah and make him take responsibility, which he does with the help of an ex-alcoholic and an American nanny. 

  7. "Toy Story," the first one, features a Disney baby, Molly, who is Andy's little sister. She plays with Mr. Potato, listens to a song from "The Lion King," and looks in the side mirror of a car and sees Buzz and Woody riding the RC car. 

  8. "Lady and the Tramp" has a Disney baby who was never given a name. Her parents had no real names, either, and were known as Darling and Jim Dear. The baby played an important role and caused their dog to be ignored when the baby took up all their attention.

  9. "Monsters, Inc." has a toddler named Boo. She follows Sulley and Mike into the monster world, picturing Sulley as a giant kitty cat.

  10. "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" Baby Herman is a baby in a movie that combines Disney animation and live actors. Baby Herman and Roger Rabbit also were in a short cartoon that was at the start of the movie "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids." 

- Jacklyn Barlow