Gunplay lends itself to laughter like horror movies and creepy possessed kids and this hybrid spawned 5 of the best action comedy movies. It can't all be blood and guts in cinema, so when you get the opportunity to laugh while dodging explosions you get a low-grade ab workout and entertainment. Make sure to keep the volume low because the sounds of your laugher mixed with bombs going off lend themselves to neighbors calling the cops on your humble abode.

"Hot Fuzz"

With the tag team of two police officers who couldn't be further apart on the spectrum, "Hot Fuzz" pushes them towards the awkwardness of friendship. Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, a proven comedic duo, play spot-on talented caricatures that would feel false in other hands. With the slacker and the super cop learning to compromise and deal with the strange personalities that seem to breed in small, close-knit communities, their relationship starts to build the laughs on a slow burn that accelerates with the evolution of their partnership. The scene where Frost's character teaches Pegg's character about action movies is absolute genius. An action comedy that becomes funnier with each viewing, this is a movie that rewards you the more you watch.

"Kung Fu Hustle"

Stephen Chow provides some great action and comedic moments in "Kung Fu Hustle," but the real magic lies within the community that inhabits the tenement where their antics as fake gang members ensue. If you can't manage multiple chuckles from the husband and wife landlords, there's small chance you really lost your soul when you secretly bought "The Notebook" for your collection. The juxtaposition of the tenants' public and private faces provides a ton of great action and comedic sequences against a simple backdrop that is given life through their antics.

"Rumble in the Bronx"

Jackie Chan is the child that action and comedy would be proud to call their own. With action that has realistic consequences, "Rumble in the Bronx" has you chuckling over hurt hands and the ouchies that happen when the human body runs into another human. Chan's charm and earnestness puts the audience instantly in his corner, making the audience root him on and laugh at his successes and failures throughout this great action comedy. Don't forget to check out the outtakes where half of the laughs hide in this terrific action-comedy flick.

"Bad Boys"

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have an on-screen rapport that feels so real people will stick with the franchise until death comes calling. With enough bickering that they earn the moniker of "old married couple" that all best friends who've been together long enough end up getting called, these two keep the laughs at the core of "Bad Boys" even with the action blowing up all around them. The scene where Marcus (Lawrence) gets accidentally doped up should go down in the action-comedy movie hall of fame.

"Shaun of the Dead"

Frost and Pegg's first silver screen duo debut hits it out of the park if cricket had a park. Underachiever meets sub-achiever as the world collapses into a zombie buffet. Sure it's a zombie killfest here and there, but "Shaun of the Dead' is a comedy about friendship, love and some serious step-father issues. The record selection for zombie killing is a great bit but not half as good as the daydreams of step-patricide when Shaun finds out his step-father has been bitten. Dark comedy meets darker action.