Being able to have these award winning movies to watch on a date can showcase your taste. In general, award winning movies are adored by many. Therefore, the chances of your date liking that same movie may increase tremendously.

  1. "Forrest Gump." This is the type of movie that is uplifting and can put anyone watching in a fantastic mood! It tells the story of a dim-witted man who was always around for historical events in American history. He is a simple man and his only focus is his love Jenny. Their love story spans decades, from childhood all the way to adulthood and makes for an epic date movie. It has won six Academy Awards including Best Picture!

  2. "Edward Scissorhands." This movie tells the story of impossible romance. A young, neglected man with scissors for hands get thrown into small town suburbia. He falls in love immediately with his foster sister (who has a boyfriend). He is accepted for being so unique at first, however, he gets involved with the wrong crowd while trying to impress his love and is thrown to the wolves. His love is tragically sweet and terribly romantic. This makes for an excellent date movie. It is filled with social commentary and is highlighted with moments of tenderness. Because of its visually stunning set design, it won a BAFTA award for production design.

  3. "Wall-E." This film, although animated, won several awards including Best Animated Feature from the Academy Awards Wall-E is a robot who has been left behind on Earth to clean up all the garbage humans have left behind. He does this for hundreds of years and develops a healthy curiosity for the outside of the planet. He meets another robot sent from space and quickly falls helplessly in love with her. They go on a crazy adventure together, but all Wall-E cares about is holding Eve's hand. It's so sweet and reminds couples on dates that the simple act of holding hands is all it takes sometimes.

  4. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Sometimes when a relationship ends, you just want to forget about that other person. The two characters in this film get their memories erased of each other. However, the lead character realizes he wants to remember his ex-girlfriend while going through their memories. He does everything he can do in order to save their memories. This film won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. It reminds lovers across the globe that love is wort fighting for even during the lowest points of a relationship.

  5. "Before Sunrise." This film is incredibly romantic. It tells the story of an American man and a French woman who meet on a train. They spend one romantic night together before having to go their separate ways. This film reminds dates that you may only have one night to make a great impression so make it count.