Characterized by flat performances from otherwise talented actors as well as dismal dialogue and cinematography, this list of award winning movies that suck features hyped up, sentimental dramas like “Kramer Vs. Kramer” and exhausting computer generated ramblings like “Avatar.” With inflated budgets and melodramatic plots, these film garnered a number of prestigious awards despite a list of impressive, more deserving nominees, among them some of the greatest films ever made like “Citizen Kane” and “High Noon.”

  1. “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” This film took home almost every Academy Award in 2004--thirteen in all--despite its melodramatic acting and boring storyline that topped out at nearly three and a half hours. Director Peter Jackson took the award for Best Director from a much deserving Sophia Coppola for “Lost in Translation,” while the film itself took Best Picture from what was arguably the year’s best film, “Mystic River.”

  2. “Precious” This film about the obstacles faced by an illiterate, overweight girl in Harlem dominated the 2010 Academy Awards and took home awards for Best Screenplay and Best Actress for Mo’Nique, despite more deserving nominees like “Up in the Air” and its stars, Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga.

  3. “Avatar” An overly hyped, politically saturated film about an alien rac fighting back against the humans who seek to occupy their world, “Avatar” received a slew of awards and nominations and remains the highest grossing film in history despite flat dialogue, an overused plot, and forgettable performances from what was thought to be a promising cast.

  4. “Kramer Vs. Kramer” A prime example of award winning movies that suck, this melodramatic tale about a couple’s divorce and its effects on the people around them, “Kramer Vs. Kramer” won an Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Director, while the impressive Vietnam War epic “Apocalypse Now” and its director Francis Ford Coppola were overlooked.

  5. “Slumdog Millionaire” A recent example of award winning movies that suck, this trite film about a game show contestant from the Juhu Slums of Mumbai swep the Academy Awards and Golden Globes in 2009. The film even took home Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director, crushing more deserving films like “Milk” and directors like Gus Van Sant and Ron Howard.

  6. “Titanic” Once the highest grossing film of all time, “Titanic” was characterized by over-the-top sequences, melodramatic acting and gratuitous death scenes. A box office smash due in part to the teen craze over actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the film dominated the awards ceremonies in 1997, taking nearly every category including an Academy Award for director James Cameron that should have gone to Atom Egoyan for his emotional masterpiece, “The Swee Hereafter.”

  7. “Ben-Hur” This inflated period piece starring Charlton Heston is an excellent example of award winning movies that suck. The film lasted an exhausting three and a half hours and showcased over-the-top chase scenes and a dull performance by Heston. It took home eleven Academy Awards in 1960. William Wyler even beat out the legendary Billy Wilder for Best Director, an award he more than deserved for “Some Like it Hot.”

  8. “Crash” An overly-sentimental piece about a group of people whose lives intersect over two days in Los Angeles, “Crash” provides a perfect example of award winning movies that suck. The film won a number of awards including a Screen Actors Guild Award and, most disappointingly, an Academy Award for Best Picture in a politically driven ceremony that snubbed “Brokeback Mountain.”

  9. “The Greatest Show on Earth” This slow, horribly shot movie about a circus and the romantic entanglements of its stars won the Academy Award for Best Picture, beating out what have gone on to become legendary films: the Gary Cooper helmed “High Noon” and the John Wayne classic, “The Quiet Man.”

  10. “How Green Was My Valley” No list of award winning movies that suck would be complete without this overly-sentimental yarn about a Welsh family at the turn of the century. The film won an Academy Award for Best Picture, beating out not only the Humphrey Bogart classic “The Maltese Falcon,” but also the movie that is considered to be the greatest film ever made: Orson Welles’ 1941 masterpiece “Citizen Kane.”