Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legend, best known for his explosive films, his famous accent, and that distinctive scream. Having banked a wide array of diverse movie footage over the years, Arnold ensured he'd be a part of history forever. And he's also provided fodder for all manner of prank calls, film re-edits, and song remixes. But the best is the stuff that you simply can't make up, as you'll see below.

Darth Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have been a big enough star at the time to make his way into the Star Wars films, but luckily someone was able to right that wrong. Here, Arnold is cast as the most nefarious villain in film, Darth Vader. No, he doesn't stick to the script but he chews the scenery nonetheless. Face it, it's just a matter of time before George Lucas decides to reboot the franchise. When he does, I think we have our heavy lined up.

His DVD Commentary Tracks

By and large, we can agree that DVD commentaries are rarely entertaining. However, in the case of Arnold Schwarzenegger films, lightning has struck multiple times. Not only is it just funny to hear Arnold's perspective of the material, but it's made all the richer when he's had a few to drink before recording. It really gives you a glimpse into the man.

Conan the Barbarian DVD Commentary Track

Total Recall DVD Commentary Track

Terminator 3 DVD Commentary Track (From Nerd Bastards)

Arnold Sings About Birthday Cake

Wow. The Austrian version of the Happy Birthday song is way different than the one we sing in America. It's way better too.

Every Arnold Scream From Every Arnold Movie

Our friends at FilmDrunk put together this very necessary super-cut of every time Arnold screams in his films. It's transcendent. I actually threw out my white noise maker after watching, and now I use this to lull myself off to sleep. My skin has never looked healthier.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank Calls A Hotel

After years of Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboard prank calls to various businesses, I imagine it's incredibly hard for the real Detective John Kimble to successfully order Chinese food or book a hotel room. He's a cop, you idiots!!