One of the more picturesque islands in the world, Ireland has been a favorite for many filmmakers, whether they are from there or looking for a certain amount of green in everything they shoot. Below are a list of some of the movies set in Ireland and about the rich history that makes the island nation that fascinating place that it is today.

"Michael Collins."

This is the ultimate Irish history film about Michael Collins who set up the free Irish movement to give the nation it's freedom in the twentieth century. It stars Liam Neeson, was directed by Neil Jordan, and shot all over the nation of Ireland as a tribute to the country itself. Revolution movies are always violent, emotional, and ultimately fulfilling and "Michael Collins" has all of these elements, making it a well-rounded movie experience.

"The Wind that Shakes the Barley."

This brief but brutal time in Irish history tells of a civil war that was fought between the Irish in the early 20th century as they wrestled with the British and themselves for independence. It stars Irish actor Cillian Murphy in the lead role. While it is a small war film, it is a war film nonetheless, which has all the elements of a war story.


Starring Colin Ferrel, "Ondine" tells the relatively simple yet beautiful story of Irish fisherman who finds a woman in his net that he believes to be a mermaid. Also directed by Neil Jordan, this modern day fairytale is a film few people know about, despite how good it is. It also shows off the natural beauty of Ireland, paralleling the love story in the film itself.

"My Left Foot."

Daniel Day Lewis stars as this crippled true-life character who could only move his left foot, yet accomplished so much in his life. This was the first film that truly made the world stand up and recognize the fact that this Irish-born actor may be one of the most talented in the world. It is also an inspirational tale about someone who can overcome all possible odds to do what they want.

"The Commitments."

Directed by Alan Parker, "The Commitments" tells the story of a band who attempts to bring Soul music to Dublin and what happens when it arrives. Best known for it's soundtrack, "The Commitments" gives a unique view of life in a major Irish city. It also shows how great music can survive just about anywhere.

"War of the Buttons."

This light-hearted, fun film that is a metaphor for warfare follows kids from two rival towns in Ireland who engage in battles where they cut off buttons, shoe laces and underwear. This movie shows the small town rural life in Ireland and the people who live it. It is also a great coming of age film in a place most people wouldn't think to set that type of film.