Explore simple living through the lens of Amish movies. The Amish are a Christian sect dedicated to the traditional ways of life gone by, and their simplicity of lifestyle is demonstrated in Amish movies. You will experience humor, love, and hope when you sit back to view an Amish movie.

  1. "Saving Sarah Cain" Is an enjoyable Amish Family movie. Sarah is a modern newspaper columnist who must confront her past when she returns to her hometown to attend her sister's funeral. Her family members are traditional Amish, and Sarah is appointed guardian of her sister's five Amish children. Sarah moves the children away from their Amish culture to the city, but she struggles with making the choice to do what is best for the children, or follow her own wishes. The movie is rated PG.

  2. "Witness" Witness is an action-packed drama starring Harrison Ford. A young Amish boy witnesses a murder, and the police detective (Ford) finds out the the murder involved corruption in his department. The detective gets a first hand look into the Amish lifestyle while trying to keep the Amish boy and his widowed mother safe. The movie is rated R.

  3. "For Richer or Poorer" Enjoy this comedy in which a wealthy New York couple on the brink of divorce hides out in an Amish Community after their accountant fudges the books. They are forced to survive day-to-day life the old-fashioned, traditional Amish way. The movie is rated PG-13. Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley are the leading roles.

  4. "Harvest of Fire" An FBI agent is sent to investigate a series of barn burnings in an Amish community. The community is not open to outsiders, and the agent must win their trust in order to gain the help that she needs to solve the case. She makes a connection with an Amish widow. The movie is rated PG.

  5. "Plain Truth" An Amish teenager is accused of killing her baby. Her attorney from Philadelphia becomes her legal guardian and moves in with the family in order to get her released from jail. "The Plain Truth" is a story that highlights the struggles of teenaged girls. The move is unrated.

Experience and learn about a new culture from viewing Amish movies. The simple lifestyle and innocence of the Amish is refreshing. Sit back, relax, laugh and cry; enjoy watching some great Amish movies.