There have been several amazing movies set in Boston, many of which take the look and feel of the city and transplant it perfectly onto the big screen. Whether the movies were from a script written by two Boston residents or was based on a novel by a Boston crime novelist, these movies proved to be entertaining while treatin the town with the utmost of respect. Of course, you can’t get through a discussion of Boston movies without finding one that remains a cult classic despite being directed by a man who is universally hated by most who know him.

“Good Will Hunting."

It's probably not too hard to make one of the amazing movies set in Boston when you grew up there. That is what Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did when they wrote a script for this movie, recalling a number of things the two friends recalled about their old stomping grounds. The movie tells the story of a young man who is given a chance to use his genius level intelligence to escape the streets, but isn’t sure he wants to leave his friends behind. Ben and Matt won an Oscar for this, their first ever script, and set a road that helped both men become stars.

“Fever Pitch.”

The Boston Red Sox had not won a World Series since 1918, one of the longest losing streaks or “curses” in Major League Baseball. The team finally broke the curse in 2004 when they beat St. Louis, and this amazing movie set in Boston was there with cameras to document it. What is even more interesting about this romantic comedy is that the movie is based on a novel by Nick Hornby and was about soccer. The U.S. version changed it to baseball and allowed the film to celebrate one of the biggest moments in the city’s sports history.

“Mystic River."

“Mystic River” is one of crime novelist Dennis Lehane’s finest books, which made Clint Eastwood want to adapt it into a movie. In doing so he showed one of the best looks at Boston ever seen on film. The plot has a police detective (Kevin Bacon) investigating the murder of the daughter of an old friend (Sean Penn). His main suspect is their childhood friend (Tim Robbins), who was molested as a youngster. It's powerful storytelling and one of the best movies of 2003.

“The Departed."

This film earned Martin Scorsese his first Oscar for directing. The movie follows the exact same plot of the original as a cop (Leonardo DiCaprio) goes undercover to bring down a powerful mobster  who employs several moles on the police force. The movie is one of the best recent crime films and one of the amazing movies set in Boston.

“The Boondock Saints."

While fans and detractors of this movie are split down the middle, the film and its behind-the-scenes story make this one of the most amazing movies set in Boston. The movie tells the tale of two Iris brothers who choose to protect Boston by eliminating all crime as vigilantes. While the movie has its large core of fans, it also garnered many people who disliked it due to the director, Troy Duffy. Duffy, a oentime bartender, proved to be a major prima donna while making the movie, turning former allies into enemies and earning his own documentary about his downfall called “Overnight.”