Alec Baldwin And 5 Other Celebrities Who’ve Been Kicked Off A Flight

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Alec Baldwin shows James Lipton the proper way to eat an invisible panini. 

Being a celebrity definitely has its perks. You get to work long hours and have a camera shoved in your face pretty much everywhere you go. And if you’re an especially well-known celebrity, you might be lucky enough to have a crazy person try to insert themselves into your life and mail you crazy packages. They are truly blessed.

However, a big drawback to being famous is that you can’t always do only what you want all of the time. Like on flights. They expect you to follow the rules to which every other passenger must adhere. If you don’t, you get kicked off the flight like some kind of minority. Total bullsh*t!

These six poor celebrities know these frustrations all too well.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin was rudely interrupted by an American Airlines flight attendant who had the nerve to try to attend to the flight. Baldwin was caught up in a tense “Words with Friends” game at the time and simply could not put down his video game. After throwing a tantrum in the bathroom, he was removed from the flight, causing major delays for the other passengers. The nerve of some people. What’s really important here is that Alec Baldwin did not suffer an embarrassing “Words with Friends” defeat at the hands of Steve Martin.

Leisha Hailey

The L Word actress was kicked off a Southwest flight when other travelers complained about her kissing her girlfriend. Hailey claims she was discriminated against because she was kissing a member of the same sex. But Southwest maintains the decision was made because the kissing had gotten to be excessive. It’s hard to choose a side on this. I’m going to need to review the tape in private for about ten minutes before I can make my ruling.

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