Coming up with a decent list of movie nude scenes can be a difficult task, often fraught with teasing and frustration. Nothing is more frustrating than when a movie trailer teases audiences with the hint that some famous actress is going to go au natural and then uses a body double or some clever ways of hiding her naughty bits. Well, here’s a list of girls who aren’t afraid of committing themselves to their role and showing fans that they’re willing to go all the way in the name of their craft.

“9 Songs” Here is the interesting aspect about this movie’s nude scenes; they were in fact quite real. It’s not a stretch to say that this admission caused the filmmakers and stars some trouble as critics and fans alike were forced into a debate as to what constitutes high art and what constitutes porn. Surprisingly, this film didn’t get a lot of attention in the United States, where it was mainly shown in limited art house theaters.


This film is practically doomed to appear on lists where movie nude scenes, or strippers, are discussed. Star Elizabeth Berkley went from child star to the most talked about nude actress in movies in the span of just a few months. “Showgirls” was panned by critics and audiences alike for its bad acting, lackluster direction and badly clichéd script.

“Chloe” Fans were more than a little shocked with part-time TV star; part-time film actress Amanda Seyfried was willing to go completely nude with another woman. But they were not disappointed. Her movie nude scene with cougar (and perennially nude actress Julianne Moore) was one of the film’s highlights. She’s one of those nude actresses who prefer her films to be classier before she starts stripping.

“Love and Other Drugs”

While it’s somewhat common for actresses to do nude work early in their careers, few continue to do it after they have gained more fame. Anne Hathaway is the exception to this rule in that the more famous she gets, the more nude scenes she does. This movie’s nude scene with Jake Gyllenhaal was both surprising in how much she was willing to reveal and how enthusiastically we were willing to view it.

“Original Sin” No list of movie nude scenes would be complete without including something by the beautiful, the sensual Ms. Jolie. Not only has she re-defined what is sexy for both men and women, but she’s one of those A-list actresses who isn’t afraid to show off her body. She’s appeared nude in “Original Sin” with Antonio Banderas, which combined with his nude scene with Salma Hayek in “Desperado” makes him the luckiest bastards alive.

“The Lover” Not everyone remembers this movie’s nude scenes, but it made a big splash when it premiered in 1992 and made an instant star of Jane March. Although she is the movie’s lead, she is simply listed as “The Young Girl” in the credits. Rumors that the movie’s nude and sex scenes were real ignited a brief controversy when the director didn’t immediately deny them. March went on to do more movie nude scenes when she did several more with Bruce Willis in her next film, “Color of Night.”

- Mark Dodson