The Academy Award nominations in 2010 were a mixed bunch. There were no mega-hits nominated this year, and the year long favorites seemed to be forgotten by the day of the awards. It was a wonderful year for sleeper hits, technical proficiency, and strong acting. While many were disappointed in the show, most will admit that the Academy Award nominations were quite interesting on their own. 

  1. "The King's Speech". Every so often, the Oscars see a sleeper hit sweep. With little promotion before the Oscars, one would think that this was the typical "British" nominee. To the surprise of many, it took home Best Picture and Best Actor.

  2. "Inception".  Genre films always deserve a little love, and this one was better than most Oscar nominees. Taking the now-traditional spot of the sci-fi nomination, "Inception" managed to do terribly well in the technical categories. Surprisingly, it was not nominated for Best Editing. 

  3. "The Social Network". For most films, winning three Academy Awards would be impressive. For "The Social Network", though, it was somewhat of a disappointment. The early Oscar favorite, it seemed a bit left out as the year went on.  

  4. "The Fighter". Possibly the least promoted film of the bunch, it managed to bring home two major Oscars. Bale and Leo were favorites from the outset, but both bringing home Oscars was quite a feat. Would have been a likely contender for Best Picture had it come out a year sooner or later.

  5. "127 Hours".  This film did remarkably well for such a character piece. As expected, it did fail to secure a single Oscar. Its nominations did, though, likely earn James Franco a great deal of respect as a leading man.

  6. "Alice in Wonderland". It seems like this movie came out long ago, yet it still showed up. The costuming was great, and it managed to win its category. It earns a place on the 2010 list for being a solid underperformer that was rewarded well.

  7. "True Grit".  A great remake that seemed to falter at the show. While it managed no wins, it did show up in almost every major category. Not bad for a Western.

  8. Trent Reznor.  Is it odd to see Trent Reznor's name on a list of Academy Award nominees? It is weirder to think of him now as "Academy Award Winner" Trent Reznor. He's come a long way from Nine Inch Nails. 

  9. "All the Kids are Alright".  This film make the Academy Awards list simply by dint of being so poorly known. Like "The Fighter", the movie did not exactly make a huge box office splash. It still managed to walk away with nothing. Seems to have been the "we need one more film" nominee of the bunch.

  10. "The Wolfman".  The film was a box office bomb, yet it managed to secure an Oscar. To be fair, it was for the film's only high point—the makeup effects. Even with that said, it is a rarity to see such a universally panned film win anything.

-Adam Williamson