Even though "The King's Speech" won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 2010, many people have their own ideas on what were the best movies that came out in 2010. People are passionate and opinionated about movies; what one person thinks is brilliant another may think is an epic fail. Here, finally, is the definitive list on what the five best movies of 2010 were.

“The Social Network” Who would’ve thought a movie about the formation of Facebook would turn out so epically good? Aaron Sorkin wrote a brilliant script and Jesse Eisenberg was stellar in his portrayal of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. Deftly directed by David Fincher, the film brought together a cast of unlikely characters who would change the face of the world with the invention of a new social networking site. Kudos must also be given to Andrew Garfield for his affecting performance as the deceived Eduardo Saverin. This one film should help define the Millennial Generation.

“Inception” This marvelously intricate movie exploring the dreamscape was as much a brain-twister for the viewer as it was for the characters in the film. Blink and you might miss something—that’s how complex the plot of this epic directed by Christopher Nolan was. “Inception” explored the reality beyond reality and took you along for the ride. Did the top stop spinning at the end? Was Leonardo DiCaprio’s character of Dom Cobb even real? Movies like “Inception” allow endless debate on what you really watched and that’s what puts it on the list.

“Toy Story 3” Released a full eleven years after “Toy Story 2,” the third installment of this Disney animated series of films was perhaps the best; that’s a nearly impossible statement to make about sequels. What has set the “Toy Story” series apart from other animated films is that there isn’t always the big feel-good ending and that’s the case in “Toy Story 3.” Comedy and adventure are there in spades, sure, but there also is the element of honest emotion that touches the heart. Ultimately the story is about love and not about a bunch of old, forgotten toys and that’s why the series has worked so well and makes this list of best movies of 2010.

“The Town” Another staple of American cinema is the heist movie and in “The Town” you’ll find it done about as well as it can be done. Ben Affleck catches a lot of criticism for some dubious film choices earlier in his career, but in “The Town” he’s in fine form as actor and director. Affleck simply “gets” Boston and that’s why this movie works so well. Mix in great action sequences with terrific casting, acting and directing and you get a film that works at all levels. Jeremy Renner’s performance as Affleck’s short-fused best friend earned him an Academy Award nomination and has to be singled out for praise.

“True Grit" If you don’t like a good Western movie, that’s downright un-American of you. Okay, perhaps not, but no other country is identified with a genre of movie like the United States is by the Western. “True Grit” may catch some flak from John Wayne fans who think it’s nothing but a remake of the classic Wayne version, but the 2010 version is just a different interpretation of Charles Portis’s novel of the same name. Young Hailee Steinfeld is a revelation as youthful firebrand Mattie Ross and Jeff Bridges’s take on the iconic character of US Marshall Rooster Cogburn would probably make “The Duke” himself proud. This is truly one of the best films of 2010.