A Look Back At Twinkies In Film And Television

Wednesday, January 11 by

Family Guy

The awkward childhood of Twinkie the Kid was revealed in a special presentation on Family Guy. As a child, Twink was fond of Wonder Woman and even donned the costume from time to time. His parents ended up letting him keep the lasso, but the dress had to go. He was already different enough, ya know?


As one of mankind’s only survivors, Woody Harrelson‘s Tallahassee is searching the United States for the last Twinkie. To his chagrin, they have become an incredibly rare and difficult food stuff item to find. Sounds like Hell on Earth.

Robot Chicken

You seldom get to see Twinkie the Kid’s heroic side, but Robot Chicken took care of that. When some bandits come into town, it’s up to Sheriff Twinkie to run them out. Open or closed casket: It’s their choice.

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