A Look Back At Twinkies In Film And Television

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Anyone who’s heard his music knows that “Weird” Al Yankovic is a genius. But he also applied his wit to the field of cuisine by inventing the Twinkie Weiner Sandwich in UHF. Simply, slice a Twinkie length-wise, place a hot dog inside the cream nest, cover with E-Z Cheez, and enjoy! Thank you, Mr. Yankovic, for this, and for “Living With A Hernia.”

The Iron Giant

In The Iron Giant, Hogarth Hughes takes full advantage of having the house to himself by preparing some sugary snacks. These include Twinkies super-stuffed with overflowing amounts of whip cream. It makes much more sense than just putting the cream on top.

The Simpsons

Apu merely laughs when an angry customer tries to take his destructive frustrations out on an innocently-bystanding Twinkie. Despite their efforts, there’s no way they’re leaving a dent.

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