A Look Back At Twinkies In Film And Television

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That's a big Twinkie! 

The folks over at Hostess are having some trouble keeping the lights on. The manufacturer of the Twinkie, and other delicious snack cakes, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Basically, you guys aren’t buying enough Twinkies. So start now. Do you know how catastrophic it would be to live in a world without Twinkies? If the factory were to close today, we wouldn’t feel the effect for at least 70 years. So it’s really our grandchildren’s problem. Don’t you want them to have a happy future? At any rate, it’s scary times over there at Hostess. If the Twinkie were smart, it would begin looking into other jobs. Perhaps it could fall back on its acting resume.

Here are some of the Twinkie’s most memorable roles.

All In The Family

When Archie Bunker has Sammy Davis Jr. over his house, it’s a pretty big deal. He not only offers the Candyman a Twinkie, but he offers to open a brand new box. I’m sure that made Sammy feel at home.


In Ghostbusters, Egon uses a Twinkie to explain the magnitude of the supernatural events that are befalling New York City. On any normal day, one Twinkie would represent the psychokinetic energy in the city. But the energy being stirred up by Gozer’s return is enough to make that Twinkie grow to 600 pounds. Personally, I’d love a big Twinkie. Why didn’t we want Gozer to return?

Die Hard/Die Hard 2

Die Hard and Die Hard 2 are arguably the Twinkies’s best performances. Treated as Al Powell’s forbidden fruit in the original, the sequel sees him proudly brandishing his love of cream-filled sponge cake. An episode of NBC‘s Chuckcalled attention to this character trait by once again casting Al Powell actor Reginald VelJohnson as a Twinkie lover.

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