A Look Back At The Golden Globes’ Craziest Moments

Thursday, December 15 by

2007 – Helen Mirren

After the Cars debacle, Helen Mirren was awarded a Best Actress Golden Globe for her performance in The Queen, her second award of the night, having already nabbed the honor for Best Actress in a Miniseries for her work in Elizabeth I. She took the stage with two unidentified shirtless Latin men. Still carrying her first award, she holds both in the air for 45 seconds, silently. She then leans slowly into the microphone and yells, “TWO! SEE THAT MOTHERF##KERS? I GOT TWO TONIGHT!!!”

She slowly struts off the stage while DMX’s “Party Up” plays, seemingly out of nowhere.

2010 – Tom Hooper

In winning the award for Best Director, The King’s Speech helmer Tom Hooper takes the stage and, in a nod to fellow nominee Christopher Nolan’s Inception, deadpans, “You think that this is all a dream, Chris? You think there’s any chance I’m going to wake up and find I actually won an award that’s worth a shit? Like an Oscar?”

The camera cut to Nolan, visibly uncomfortable, slumped in his chair. The crowd booed Tom Hooper, and the ceremony producers cut off his microphone, but the Englishman continued to scream and gesticulate wildly.

Following the ceremony, a lip-reader hired by TMZ claimed his rant contained several suggestions that the holocaust occurred on a much smaller scale than everyone believes, as well as a survey of the crowd as to where the best after-part would be.

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