A Look Back At The Golden Globes’ Craziest Moments

Thursday, December 15 by

2005 – Robin Williams

Upon receiving the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, Robin Williams goes on one of his trademark comedy rants for 87 minutes, alternating personas between “flamboyant gay man,” “large black man,” and “dim-witted southern man.”

He openly consumes cocaine on seven occasions during the spectacle, ultimately being taken down with tranquilizer darts after the Hollywod Foreign Press’ covert Robin Williams Division gets a green light for a breach from President George W. Bush, who was in the audience.

2007 – Cars

Having spent most of the day before the ceremony at a pool party at Jack Nicholson’s house, the cars from Cars arrive at the Golden Globes visibly intoxicated, weaving on the red carpet while blaring Shop Boyz “Party Like a Rockstar” from their sound systems. After losing Best Animated Feature Film to Happy Feet, one unidentified Car runs over two of the Rastafarian penguins, fleeing the scene before the authorities arrive. It would later be determined that the Car in question had targeted these penguins over an outstanding debt, and the incident had nothing to do with their victory.

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