A Look Back At Regis Philbin’s Creepiest Moments

Friday, November 18 by

Regis Gets Into A Stranger’s Car

What’s creepy here is the fact that Regis is even involved. Are you telling me that he’s huge with the Hummer demographic? Also, too surprising not to mention here is Alessandra Ambrosio’s horrible line delivery. She sounds like a cross between Penelope Cruz and Marlee Matlin. There’s no way the OnStar representative was going to be able to understand her.

Regis Takes It Off For The Camera

Go ahead, haters. Hate. Say what you want about the splotchiness or orangutan jugs, but Regis is looking pretty good for a man his age (864 years). I’ll be the first to admit he could likely take me in a fight. Until I fake an asthma attack and start windmill-punching, that is.

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