A Look At The Coolest Film-Related Viral Videos

Wednesday, April 18 by

Fight Club

For some reason or another, these PSA‘s with Brad Pitt instructing audiences about pee-drinking didn’t make it into theaters. I guess it makes it hard for theater owners to sell Pepsi against such tough competition.

The Dark Knight

In an effort to build mystery around The Dark Knight, promoters went the mystery route by using phrases like “Why So Serious” and “I Believe In Harvey Dent.” This went on for months and successfully kept the film in people’s minds without revealing too much about the plot. Seems like a waste. Between the built-in fan base and the allure of Aaron Eckhart‘s chin-butt, this thing would have sold itself. The numbers for Battle: Los Angeles don’t lie.

District 9

Another film steeped in mystery leading up to its release was District 9. Very little was known about the film except that it would feature aliens living alongside man and there was some social commentary sprinkled in. The viral marketing focused on building the film’s world by showing us how the Prawns are policed in their day-to-day lives. Without actually showing the humanity of the alien race, this video still conveyed the hard-nosed tactics of the MNU and set them up as the film’s villain.

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