A Look At The Coolest Film-Related Viral Videos

Wednesday, April 18 by


To promote the comedic vibe audiences were to see in Zombieland, the film’s stars appeared in short virals explaining the rules to surviving the undead wasteland. In the one above, Woody Harrelson displays the ways you can kill with a bowling ball. Can we go ahead and re-purpose this viral for every Woody Harrelson release? It would certainly work well for The Hunger Games.


Thanks to producer JJ Abrams, Cloverfield was a confusing labyrinth of viral marketing. There were a series of websites and games and Easter Eggs and tie-ins to mysterious Japanese beverage companies. In addition to digging that rabbit’s hole, producers also managed to put together this video to remind viewers the movie is also about awesome destruction.

The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism trolled the trolls when it took its promotions to Chatroulette. Well played.

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