A Look At The Coolest Film-Related Viral Videos

Wednesday, April 18 by

If you experienced a strange puckering in your nerdbutt yesterday, that’s for good reason. A second viral video has been released to promote Prometheus, this time focusing on the character played by Michael Fassbender. As with everything else we’ve seen from this film, it’s pretty awesome. You should check it out. Still, we really don’t have any idea what the film will be about beyond astronauts getting f*cked up.

This is a perfect example of how to market a film without spoiling it. The amount of production value used here is a turning point in the evolution of viral promotions. It’s slick and attention-grabbing and strong enough to draw the audience into the theater. I’m sure we’ll see this campaign’s influences in future viral marketing plans. Let’s take a look now at the viral videos that lead us up to this point.


In this second viral video, we’re introduced to Michael Fassbender’s David. Here David speaks about himself and what it’s like to be a robot created by Weyland Industries. There’s been a lot of speculation online that Fassbender would play an android in the film given his cherubic, blonde appearance. And now that cat’s out of the bag. Which teaches me to run up to the blondest person I see and check their fingerprints. Robots could be dwelling amongst us and we wouldn’t even know it.


This Watchmen viral video introduces the world to Dr. Manhattan by reviewing his origin and the innovations the supreme being brought to the fields of science, technology, renewable energy, and space exploration. However, he wasn’t able to convert atoms to do anything about that newscasters jacket. Even gods have their limits.

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