In The Sitter, Jonah Hill stars as a college student on a suspension who is talked into watching his neighbor's children. The problem is that the kids are monsters (not literally) and he'd much rather be having sex with his girlfriend. So, he takes the little sh*ts to a party in Manhattan where he can knock boots and the kids can get exposed to psychopathic drug dealers and urban music. Do you know what happens next? Hijinks, you guys.

Though he does sound like a pretty irresponsible care-giver, he's not nearly as bad as the so-called authority figures on this list.

Buck Russell - Uncle Buck

The problem here is that he's a total lout. He swears, drinks, smokes cigars, drives a death trap, and punches clowns in the face. Though he's rough around the edges, Uncle Buck's Buck Russell really does love his nieces and nephew. Having trouble with a teacher at school? He'll tell her off so harshly it shatters her world. Need to eat a giant pancake? He's your man. Got some notorious cherry popper trying to get into your pants? He'll kidnap him and then give him brain damage by beaning him with golf balls. The dude deserved it for wearing that lame beret.

Chet Donnelly - Weird Science

There are probably better candidates for running the household in your absence than a crazed wannabe Marine. Chet Donnelly isn't just gung-ho and stupid. He's equally as sadistic. And this is a pretty gung-ho and stupid guy we're talking about here. When left in charge, he bullies his younger brother, extorts money from him, and even holds a firearm to his head. Dude definitely deserved a set of elephant balls.

Mrs. Baylock - The Omen

You can't accuse Mrs. Baylock of not caring about the boy she nannies for. If anything, she's a little too into her job. A devout Satanist, Baylock is the perfect choice to watch over Damien, the son of Satan. These two get along like gangbusters. However, she loses points for killing Damien's mom and attempting to kill his father. In a field like that, good references are key, so don't kill your employers.

Mrs. Sturak - Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead

Sure, she looks all sweet on the surface. But as soon as she and the kids are alone, she goes all psych drill sergeant on them. Mrs. Sturak has all these antiquated views about discipline and how proper children should behave and dress. Then, the bitch goes and dies! Now the kids are forced to dump her body or otherwise be implicated in a possible murder investigation. They are totally innocent but something like this can plant seeds in a young mind. Somebody had better keep an eye on those younger Crandell kids.

Samantha - The House of the Devil

She's not necessarily a bad babysitter considering she never even meets the kid she's supposedly watching. Her failings mostly effect her and her loved ones. The number one rule of babysitting dictates that you need to double-check that you are actually watching a child, and not just serving yourself up as a sacrifice to some twisted cult. That's just bush league.

Peyton Flanders - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

Rebecca De Mornay's Peyton Reed is really a babysitter for the daddies. On the surface, she's the perfect choice. Nice, friendly, beautiful, and down to party. But this is why background checks are necessary. The death of her own child and husband has driven her insane and she's out to ruin the life of the woman responsible for her family's fall from grace. Still, very pretty though.

Chris Parker - Adventures in Babysitting

An unprepared babysitter drags the kids into the city for the night. They get separated. Bad guys chase them. Then they meet Thor. A classic tale. I was hesitant to include this one on the list because it seems really similar to The Sitter. In fact, they pretty much seem like the same damn movie. But if I had, someone would complain on Twitter as if I claimed this was some kind of ultimate list of every babysitter ever showcased in a movie since the beginning of cinema. So, this is only here to prevent me from being fired for the nerdiest of reasons.

Laurie Strode - Halloween

Babysitters often sneak their boyfriends into the house after the children have gone to sleep. This is frowned upon by most parents, so imagine their disappointment when the babysitter's estranged psychopathic murderer brother shows up ready to kill the entire household. You can't totally blame Laurie for this one as Michael Myers showed up of his own volition, but still... you're probably much better off hiring the Jenkins girl down the street. She's got a solid grade point average and no boy wants to get near her pizza-face.

Andy - Wet Hot American Summer

Andy is really the last guy you want to put in charge of the welfare of your kids. As a camp counselor, he's let his campers drown and then abducted any witnesses and left them for dead. This sort of irresponsibility is exactly how a guy like Jason Vorhees gets created. That's a lot of blood on your hands, Andy.

Keep calm and read on....

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