9 Ultimate Movie Wingmen

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Hooch – Turner & Hooch

Chicks love dogs. And though former-junkyard dog, Hooch, is a little rough around the edges, he’s still like sugar to the womeeen. He’s also a great barometer for choosing a long-term love interest. If she’s willing to put with his breath, drooling, and destructive nature, you’ll be able to get away with murder.

Stiles – Teen Wolf

Stiles is a true friend indeed. Not only will he give you a ride to the airport, but he’ll let you ride on the roof. He really just wants to see Teen Wolf’s Scott McCall succeed. And maybe make some money from merchandise in the process. His super-confident approach and laid-back demeanor make him the ideal wingman for breaking the ice with a lovely lady. He’ll even dump Jell-O on them should the situation call for it. One drawback however, he’s in high school and his fake I.D. sucks, so you’ll be responsible for the beer runs.

Watson – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be the detective he is without the assistance of Watson. Though, he isn’t as high-leveled in the field of sleuthing as Holmes, Watson is his go-to wingman. He’s willing to knuckle up and get your back in bar fights, fights at the docks, and even explosions. When was the last time any of your friends tried to save you from an explosion?

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