Drug use in movies is nothing new. But for some films, your regular, run of the mill drugs like pot and cocaine just don't cut it. That's when it's time to break out the hard stuff. In fact, the following movie drugs are so hardcore, they don't even exist.

9. NZT - Limitless

In Limitless (In theaters March 18th), Eddie Morra is a down and out writer who decides to try his luck with an experimental drug known as NZT. The drug works wonders, unlocking the full potential of his brain, leading to his rapid acquisition of wealth and power. However, it's not without consequences, as shadowy forces attempt to exploit Eddie for their own gain, or kill him in the process. Eddie also begins to experience dangerous side effects, including trip-switching, which causes a stop-motion perception of time.

8. GleeMONEX -Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

The first (and only) film from The Kids and the Hall revolves around a fictitious company, Roritor Pharmaceuticals, and the development of their groundbreaking antidepressant drug GleeMONEX. Unfortunately, those who use the drug eventually find themselves locked in a comma-like state in which their happiest memory is repeated over and over again. On the plus side, development of the drug led to very few flipper-babies.

7. The Ladder - Jacob's Ladder

In Jacob's Ladder, "The Ladder" is a drug developed by the U.S. Military in order to increase aggression in its soldiers. As you'd expect, things don't go according to plan, and the soldiers end up attacking each other. Those who survive are plagued by terrifying hallucinations.

6. Lot 6 - Firestarter

In Firestarter, Lot 6 (a.k.a. di-lysergic Triune Acid) is a drug, developed by a secret government agency, designed to give recipients telekinetic abilities and the power of mind control. When two test subjects have a child, their offspring ends up with a terrifying pyrokinetic ability, making the child a sought after commodity by a shadowy government agency.

5. Jabroka - Alien Nation

If you're human, Jabroka probably isn't the drug for you. After all, it tastes like dish soap, and has no real effect. However, if you're a Tenctonese alien from the film Alien Nation, this shit will rock your world with feelings of euphoria. But don't take too much, or you'll end up a giant out-of-control hulking beast.

4. Skele-Gro - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Of all the drugs on this list, Skele-Gro is by far the most useful. Sure, it tastes like garbage, but it literally has the magical ability to regrow bones. Unfortunately, there are no hallucinogenic effects, but oh well. Can't win 'em all.

3. Ephemerol - Scanners

Ephemerol was billed as a drug that fights morning sickness. However, unsuspecting moms who used the drug got more than they bargained for. Specifically, children with telepathic powers. The drug was based off the real life drug, Thalidomide, which was found to cause birth defects. I prefer the fictional drug. The ability to make someone's head explode seems like a much better side effect than deformed limbs.

2. Milk-Plus (Drencrom) – A Clockwork Orange

Aside from random acts of violence, Alex and his Droogs like nothing more than a trip down to the The Korova Milkbar for a spot of Milk-Plus. The drink can be made with many drugs, but Alex prefers Drencrom, which is thought to be the equivalent of the actual drug, Adrenochrome.

1. Nuke - Robocop 2

In Robocop 2, Nuke is a highly addictive synthetic narcotic that is lays waste to the city of Detroit. I understand the need to make the drug as terrifying as possible, but considering crack cocaine's wildly successful run at destroying the city, I'm not sure a fictional drug was necessary.