9 Things You Should Watch Instead Of The Oscars

Friday, February 24 by

2012 NBA All-Star GameTNT @ 7:30 PM EST/PST

Sure, All-Star Games are usually pointless masturbation, but compared to the Oscars, it will feel like the most important game of the year. Plus, you might see a dunk or two. And there will be a lot more “diversity,” if that’s your thing. Personally, I like watching old white people hand out statues.

Comic Book Men – AMC @ 10PM EST/PST

In the third episode of Kevin Smith’s comic shop based reality show, Comic Book Men, the gang attempts to shoot a television commercial for the store. It’s criticized for it’s shakey performances and tepidly received by everyone except die-hard Kevin Smith fans. Also, a customer brings in a fanboy’s dream! Wait! Megan Fox dressed as Slave Leia? Does he bring in Megan Fox dressed as Slave Leia??

Eastbound & Down/Life’s Too Short – HBO 10PM EST/PST

I think the best bet for the evening is checking out The Walking Dead and then flipping over to HBO at 10PM. This week on Eastbound & Down, Will Ferrell reprises his role as used car tycoon Ashley Schaeffer when Kenny finds Stevie working for him. And Johnny Depp guest stars on Life’s Too Short where he gets in Ricky Gervais‘s face after being bashed by him at his Golden Globes Insult-O-Pocalyse.

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