9 Things You Should Watch Instead Of The Oscars

Friday, February 24 by
Why would you watch the Oscars when you could be watching a mediocre cartoon dubbed in Spanish?  

Not everyone enjoys the Oscars as much as the Oscars themselves do. So, it would make sense that some alternative programming be set up for those who don’t have time for Billy Crystal’s tired song and dance routine. Most channels have shown a fear of broadcasting any first-run programming against the awards ceremony, but there are a few that are forging ahead with either fresh, new episodes or movies that are more fun to watch than a celebrity walking off the wrong side of the stage.

And so, if you’re not a fan of the Oscars or award shows in general, or, if you’re not insane, here are your best viewing options this Sunday night.

Celebrity ApprenticeNBC @ 9PM EST/PST

Would you prefer to watch Billy Crystal make jokes about Jack Nicholson, or would you rather watch Teresa Giudice, Arsenio Hall, and Lou Ferrigno put on a medievial-themed show for an audience? What if I told you it lead to bodily harm? Sign me up for the ren faire with the has-beens. It’s our best bet for seeing Dee Snider bite the head off a goat.

The Amazing Race 20 – CBS @ 8PM EST/PST

This season features hot chicks, party clowns, and federal agents all competing against one another. That sounds far more entertaining than watching Cirque du Soleil dangle from trapezes while scenes from A Better Life are projected onto them. Especially if one of the clowns gets ahold of one of the federal agents’ gun.

The Walking Dead- AMC @ 9PM EST/PST

I’ve gotta admit that the second half of season two is off to an okayish start. And when talking about The Walking Dead, “okayish” is pretty damn good. This week, tensions between Rick and Shane grow to a head. Which leads to a headbutt. And I’m assuming that leads to an all-out brawl. The way the plot has been speeding along, this could be the last we see of Shane. At least until he rises from the dead. Even so, something could happen on this show. That’s rare! Are you really willing to miss that?

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