9 Things We Might Know About The Alien/Prometheus Space Jockey

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They Know The Predators (And Can’t Stand Them)

So, it’s beginning to look like the picture the comics paint of the Space Jockeys is that they are a lot like early 20th century Germany; they just could not get along with anybody. In the “awesome” Aliens Vs Predator: Requiem, a Space Jockey skull can be seen on the Predator ship, suggesting that at some point a Predator killed an armed Jockey, possibly in a jungle surrounded by several other Jockeys for hire. Okay, that’s just silly.
But the various back stories of these series imply that the Jockeys and Predators have their own uses for the aliens, and this has led to them hating each other, kind of like interstellar Israelis and Palestinians, with the aliens being a multi-mouthed Gaza Strips.

In The Scriptwriter’s Back-Story, They Were Just Unlucky

Apparently, in a back story for the Space Jockeys dreamed up by none other than the original Alien scriptwriter Dan O’Bannon, the Aliens originally came from LV-426, and the Jockeys were just incredibly unlucky. In this story, they had landed on the planet they thought was dead, and one of their crewmen came back with a face hugger on him. They eventually managed to kill the alien, but screwed their ship in the process, and the last surviving crew member managed to send out a beacon to others to stay the hell away.

Unfortunately, the next crew didn’t understand their language and managed to do the exact same thing themselves, which is kind of funny when you think about it.

The Comics Are Probably Wrong…

Ridley Scott has gone on the record saying that the Jockey we see in the movie isn’t a shot of the being at all, but rather the suit it was wearing, like the biomechanical suits the aliens in Independence Day were wearing (not that ID4 ripped off Alien for the idea. Surely it was from one of the other 20 old sci-fi films it borrowed from).

But here’s a direct quote from the guy who directed the original movie, who may have a thing or two to say about it…

“I think beneath that carcass… it’s not a carcass, it’s a suit. Inside the suit is a being.”

So the comic renderings of the elephant-nosed creature with the hard exoskeleton are off base. Screw you for trying to be clever, comic artists!

Of course, when Prometheus finally comes out, it will likely turn out that everything the other writers have speculated will be wrong, because Scott, if he is even familiar with them, would probably want to surprise the audience with completely original ideas, probably leading to large numbers of fat pimply comic nerds shrieking in rage. At least we can be sure that a new Alien movie won’t bring out the crazies. Star Wars showed us that only Star Trek fans are insane, mouth-breathing dorks with no distinction between fantasy and….

Oh, right…

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