9 Things George Lucas Denies Besides Han Shooting First

Friday, February 10 by

Like Liking Carrie Fisher

Go ahead and ask him if he like likes Carrie Fisher. He’ll say no, but the blush in his cheeks tells a different story.

Dealting It

The rules clearly dictate that he who smelt it, dealt it. However, George Lucas refuses to live by these rules. In fact, he employs the shady practice of preemptively calling out his own odorous evacuations and pinning the blame on a second party. Then he staunchly refuses any pooting. He commonly blames Harrison Ford, who is routinely too stoned to remember if he did or not, or Steven Spielberg as we all know he loves German beer and Oreos.

Digitally Placing Himself In Episodes of Star Trek

He’ll never admit it, but George Lucas is actually a huge Trekkie. He uses the advanced technologies he’s developed over the years to insert himself into reruns of Star Trek, episodes to which he knows every bit of dialogue. Sadly, his position in pop culture forbids him from celebrating his fandom openly. He’s forced to relegate his love to his own digital playword. Sort of like Kevin Flynn.

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