9 Stars Who Should Be Detained Indefinitely Without Trial

Thursday, December 15 by

Tyler Perry

It’s not so much the content of his work that worries me. It’s the quantity. How can one man be so proactive? He’s shown an incredible output that helped him to reach a massive audience. Should he ever be corrupted, he’s much too powerful a mouthpiece. We need to lock him up before he can sway his legion against the good ol’ U, S, and A.

Ashley Greene

Detained at my house, that is. Indefinitely.

Hector Elizondo

It’s simple math, people. Hector Elizondo seems like a delight, but with roles in Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, Valentine’s Day, The Princess Diaries, and New Year’s Eve, it’s safe to say that he is Gary Marshall‘s muse. If we throw him in a dark hole somewhere, the awful holiday-based films will end. Why don’t we just detain, Mr. Marshall? Because he literally knows every celebrity.

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