9 Scary-Ass Movie Clowns

Monday, October 10 by

Cheezo, Bippo, and Dippo – Clownhouse

After escaping from a mental institution, three psychotic lunatics head to the circus, kill the performers, and pose as clown. They then sensibly target the one boy in town who is terrified of clowns and known for crying wolf.

SCARY BECAUSE: It’s an hour and a half of clowns starring into the windows of a suburban home.

The Clown – Dead Silence

In Dead Silence, the evil spirit of a disgraced ventriloquist uses puppets to conduct grisly murders. The story’s protagonist fights a variety of possessed dummies, one of which is this scary clown. Ghosts. They’re just so good at f*cking with us.

SCARY BECAUSE: Why would anyone have a doll that sinister-looking in the first place.

Zombie Clown – Zombieland

It only makes sense that zombie clowns would exist in a world overrun with zombies. This taps into two fears: clowns and having your flesh torn from your bones by a gnashing set of dead teeth.

SCARY BECAUSE: Dried blood on a clown’s suit. Eery.

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