There's no better time than Halloween to watch horror films. And the under-appreciated sub-genre in horror, the scary clown film, should not be overlooked when looking for a fright. They're not all just big shoes and bike horns. Some are maniacal killers eager to rip their victims open. Others are psycho killers, ghosts, or demons who know an ironically scary look when they see it. They're like the hipsters of the horror world.

I've never understood why anyone would be afraid of a clown, but I am sure that the clowns on this list aren't helping matters.

The Violator - Spawn

As one of the most over-the-top villains in comic books, Spawn's evil clown The Violator is the devil's right-hand demon. Something was lost in the movie translation, however, leaving John Leguizamo to try and carry the entire film with his performance. Alas, there is only so much one actor can do. Danny Devito really dodged a bullet here.

SCARY BECAUSE: The clown transforms into a heart-eating monster.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

The first in a planned series of films, Killer Klowns From Outer Space tells the story of a sleepy little town suddenly overrun by alien blood-drinking clowns. There's something for everyone in this film. Horror, comedy, gore, and a gigantic Queen clown. How have there not been eleven sequels yet?

SCARY BECAUSE: Could happen.

Cheezo, Bippo, and Dippo - Clownhouse

After escaping from a mental institution, three psychotic lunatics head to the circus, kill the performers, and pose as clown. They then sensibly target the one boy in town who is terrified of clowns and known for crying wolf.

SCARY BECAUSE: It's an hour and a half of clowns starring into the windows of a suburban home.

The Clown - Dead Silence

In Dead Silence, the evil spirit of a disgraced ventriloquist uses puppets to conduct grisly murders. The story's protagonist fights a variety of possessed dummies, one of which is this scary clown. Ghosts. They're just so good at f*cking with us.

SCARY BECAUSE: Why would anyone have a doll that sinister-looking in the first place.

Zombie Clown - Zombieland

It only makes sense that zombie clowns would exist in a world overrun with zombies. This taps into two fears: clowns and having your flesh torn from your bones by a gnashing set of dead teeth.

SCARY BECAUSE: Dried blood on a clown's suit. Eery.

The Joker - The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight's reinvention of The Joker is scary in how realistic it is. This mystery man appears in town with scars on his face and immediately begins murdering. Good guys, bad guys; It doesn't matter to him as long as it brings about anarchy. The Joker ain't care.

SCARY BECAUSE: Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Captain Spaulding - House of 1,000 Corpses

Captain Spaulding is more than just your typical roadside clown (they have those?). He's also the ring leader of an evil family of murder-junkies who trap victims in the labyrinth of horror hidden beneath their home. In other words, he's a real jerk.

SCARY BECAUSE: You can't trust redneck clowns.

Pennywise - IT

Pennywise can tap into a child's darkest fear and transform into said fear as a means to murder them and eat their soul. The monster can actually take on any form it desires, but it chooses to appear as this cheery clown. Pretty twisted.

SCARY BECAUSE: It could be behind you right now.

Clown Doll - Poltergeist

One of the scariest scenes in horror takes place when a benevolent spirit possesses Robbie's clown doll and uses it to attack the boy. It actually possess it so hard that the clown's facial features change and gnarl into a snarling monster clown. That's hard plastic we're talking about. Again, ghosts. They're just so good at f*cking with us.

SCARY BECAUSE: All these years later and the hair on your neck raises at the mention of this scene. Admit it.