9 Respected Actors Made To Do Silly Things

Thursday, February 9 by

John Wayne – The Conquerer

John Wayne turned in a particularly embarrassing performance as Genghis Khan in The Conqueror. With a pasted-on fu manchu and taped back eyes, it was the definition of inappropriate. All that was missing was stilted Tarzan-like speak. Not only is it considered one of the worst movies of all time, but to add injury to insult, it is believed the set was radioactive and caused cancer in 91 of the film’s crew members. 46 of which died from it including Wayne, co-stars Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, and director Dick Powell. Who gave this the greenlight?

Robert De Niro – Rocky and Bullwinkle

Not only did he have to share scenes with Jason Alexander, but Robert De Niro also had to wear an outlandish dictator costume while speaking in a silly accent. He’s notoriously cranky on set which makes me really interested in checking out behind-the-scenes footage. Hopefully, someone in the production had the wherewithal to tape the wardrobe fitting.

Halle Berry – Catwoman

After winning the Oscar for Monster’s Ball, the world was Halle Berry’s oyster. After working hard for years, she finally had her pick of roles. Naturally she chose to be a Bond Girl, play a ridiculous version of Storm in X2, and headline the lame horror flick Gothika. But, oddly, that wasn’t her worst pick. That distinction goes to Catwoman, the Batman spin-off was too campy, pun-ridden, idiotic, and CGI-ed out the ass to win over any fans.

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