9 Respected Actors Made To Do Silly Things

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She needed the money. 

We all do things that we don’t like for money. Whereas some of us wait tables or walk dogs or blog, there are others who want so badly to make it as an actor that they’ll take roles they should have thought twice about. Whether they were attempting to get their start, looking for a challenge, or unable to resist the money, there are several celebrated actors who took roles that made them look like complete anuses.

Here is our list of award winning actors and the silly things that directors made them do.

Paul Giamatti – Big Fat Liar

Just one year before American Splendor launched him into starring roles, Paul Giamatti was died blue and taking nut-shots opposite Frankie Muniz in the kid’s comedy Big Fat Liar. In the film, Giamatti plays a sleazy Hollywood producer who plagiarizes Muniz’s school essay and turns it into a hit film. As revenge, Muniz teams up with Amanda Bynes to turn his world upside down. His skin and hair are dyed, his car destroyed, and his staff turned against him. That’s the kid’s film equivalent of being Qaddfi’d.

Bryan Cranston – Mighty, Morphin’ Power Rangers

It was a long and winding road that lead Bryan Cranston to Emmy gold and his breakout role as Walter White on Breaking Bad. Along the way, he picked up guest-starring spots and odd voice work all around Hollywood. One voice over gig was that of Snizard on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The snake/lizard hybrid easily defeated its foes by launching “tonsil snakes” that would wrap around and weaken their targets. Cranston got off lucky here. So many Hollywood hopefuls are forced to deal with a very different definition of tonsil snake if they want to be stars.

Sean Connery – Zardoz

After captivating the world with his portrayal of James Bond in six films, Sean Connery was walking on sunshine. Considered by many to be the epitome of sexy, the Scottish actor was a major movie star the entire world over. That must be want gave him the confidence to wear a long french braid and strut around in a puffy red diaper with matching ammo bandelier suspenders. Eh. It was the 70’s.

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