9 Reasons Netflix Is Still A Great Deal

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Buying DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs

Nevermind the cost of the device to play movies on disc. Think about what the discs will cost the serious movie buff inside of a month. Assuming that you stick to classics like Omega Man and I Spit On Your Grave from the dollar bin, you get to watch ten movies in a month for the price of Netflix. For the low Netflix price, you can look at tits and gore until you feel like your eyes are going to pop out of your head, catch up on your favorite TV shows and possibly even watch a movie that’s actually, y’know, good.


This should really be a subset of cable, because you’re going to need it for this to work. So that’s whatever cable is costing every month, plus a few bucks every time you want to watch a movie. You’ve already paid more than you would have for Netflix once you get cable up and running, so getting movies once you’ve done that puts you even further in the hole. It’s no wonder that most dudes with cable have seen Major League: Back to the Minors about a zillion times.

Satellite TV

Satellite TVs have come a long way since they were the exclusive domain of reclusive Unabomber fanboys. Still, the price hasn’t come down a whole lot. You might pay less for satellite TV than you’d pay for cable — and that’s a big might — but you’re still going to pay less than you would for Netflix. Unlike satellite TV, Netflix gives you far greater choice in what you want to watch and you don’t have to wait for things to air, record them on a DV-R and play them back later. The movies are already there, waiting for you to press play.

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