9 Reasons Kanye West Should Be The Creative Director Of The ‘Jetsons’ Movie

Thursday, January 5 by

George and Jane’s Relationship

Kanye will craft a loving relationship marred by substance abuse, domestic violence, and forgiveness that A.O. Scott will call “a candid portrayal of the paradox of marriage not seen since Blue Valentine.” In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole film takes place in one room, completely ignoring the production design that one would think this film would require. Perhaps just an Eames chair and a lava lamp.

The Film Would Be Rated NC-17

I could see elements of Old Yeller, Fatal Attraction, Battle Royale, Very Bad Things, A Simple Plan, Birth of a Nation, and Indecent Proposal all appearing in this movie. Basically, it would be a pastiche of every disturbing film made in the past 75 years or so. Whoever gets elected president this November will issue a proclamation that any parent who takes their children to see this film will summarily lose custody of the their children and face imprisonment.

Astro Will Be Played By…

Michael Vick. Possibly in a Wilfred-type suit.

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