9 Of The Worst Horror Movie Remakes

Thursday, October 13 by

One Missed Call

A curse that travels through cell phones kills people. Somehow that plot didn’t seem so silly when it was originally made in Asia. Then again, they’ve always been better than us with cell phones.


This remake of an Asian ghost film features some impressively creepy gore. But it’s mostly cheap scares and doesn’t live up to Alex Aja’s other works. The tone is inconsistent and suddenly shifts to a full-on action movie at points. Especially the ending, that was more like a boss fight at the end of a videogame then it was the climax of a film. Still though, Amy Smart in the bathroom. That scarred my brain. I’ve always wanted to see Amy Smart topless, but not like that.

The Wicker Man

The remake of The Wicker Man didn’t really work as a comedy but it could easily be considered one of the best comedies of the past ten years. Nicolas Cage plays a cop investigating the disappearance of a young girl. He does so by punching women, kicking Leelee Sobieski, going undercover as a bear, bikejacking, and getting stung by bees. NOT THE BEES!!!!!!!!

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