It is bad enough having to share your living space with sloppy, inconsiderate, bipolar roommates during life's low-income transitional periods. But if you had to split rent payments with any of the nine scariest movie roommates, you might give park benches or cardboard box accommodations some serious consideration—just to keep some sanity.


Guy Woodhouse, "Rosemary's Baby" 

The legendary independent filmmaker John Cassavetes took on an acting role in this Roman Polanski-directed horror classic as the eerie live-in lover who is willing to jeopardize his unborn child to further his career. This movie roommate has his girlfriend Rosemary (Mia Farrow) sharing a bed with him, while worried to death about the fate of her pregnancy.   


Annie Wilkes, "Misery" 

Famed author Paul Sheldon (James Caan) obtained this psychotic groupie roommate against his will. She somehow managed to justify in her twisted head that it was okay to kidnap poor Paul and keep him in her bedroom like some sort of antique dresser that talks.  


Mrs. Bates, "Psycho"


When the thieving Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) makes her fateful stop at the Bates Motel in this Alfred Hitchcock shocker, she surely had no idea that the socially awkward innkeeper, Norman Bates' mother, would be barging into her room with bloody intent. But after watching this 1960 horror thriller, it becomes clear that Norman and his "roommate" mother have more in common than just their last name.


Chuckie, "Child's Play" 

Its all fun and games until your birthday present, a seemingly cute and cuddly Chucky doll, becomes possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Poor little Andy and his mother gain a new roommate that not only plays rough, but also will kill someone before he ever chips in any rent money.  


Don Logan, "Sexy Beast" 

This Ben Kingsley character was not invited to live with ex-associate Guy (Ray Winstone), and he undoubtedly outstays his welcome with the repugnant insults and explicitly violent threats. Don Logan turns the happy home of his traumatized roommate into Hell on Earth with his unwanted criminal demands.  


Private Pyle, "Full Metal Jacket" 

When the impatient military soldiers in Stanley Kubrick's gripping Vietnam War tale treat the struggling Private Pyle (Vincent D'Onofrio) like the whipping boy for all their frustrations, they soon create a traumatically aggravated monster. For those looking to attend training for the U.S. Marines, think twice before participating in the gang beating of your nearby roommate.


Rupert Pupkin, "The King of Comedy" 

You can't help but feel sorry for the mother and roommate of Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) when her deeply delusional wanna-be stand-up comedian son disrupts her peace and quiet with his random comedy sketches. What makes matters worse is that his only audience and special guests are made out of cardboard.


Hedra Carlson, "Single White Female" 

Having a roommate like Hedra is going to lead to nothing but problems when she begins to copy your entire appearance and purposely ruin your relationships. The classified ad for a roommate may have read "Single White Female," but it left out "No Manipulative, Mentally Disturbed, Creepy Chicks."


Gaear Grimsrud, "Fargo" 

When actor Steve Buscemi's contract kidnapping character Carl Showaiter becomes the temporary roommate of excessively anti-social Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare), he becomes well aware that he should have signed up for a solo mission instead. Even some simple road trip conversation is too much to ask from the intensely introverted—and murderous—Gaear