Actors who are not American hold onto their foreign accents like a badge of honor. Having an accent also allows these actors to play foreign roles in American and foreign films alike more authentically, which is why some of the best actors in the business are actually foreign. Below are 9 of the most noticeable actors with accents, listed below.

Jude Law.

Jude Law is undoubtedbly one of the most noticeable actors with accents as he almost never is in roles where he has to disguise his British lilt, with the exception of a role like the one he had in "Road to Perdition." This British accent tends to define him and the roles he plays.

Kate Winslet.

One of the best actresses in Hollywood, Kate Winslet actually has an accent, though most of her "Titanic" and "Little Children" fans forget this. This is due to how versatile Winslet is in all the roles she plays, flawlessly transitioning from American to foreign characters.

Christian Bale.

Bale is one of the biggest actors in the world right now and until you hear him in interviews off-screen, you always forget he has an incredibly thick accent. How often do you think about Batman being Welsh?

Marion Cotilliard.

This French beauty has become more and more popular in America recently through her roles in major films like "Inception," making her one of the most noticeable actors with an accent working today. However, she will never need to mask this, as her beautiful accent is one we could listen to all day and night. Unless the role calls for it, of course.

Jeremy Irons.

Perhaps one of the most talented actors over the past 40 years, playing everything from heroes to villains on film and television, Jeremy Irons is one of the most noticeable actors with an accent as people of all generations can identify him. Irons is skilled at doing both British and American accents, as well.

Monica Bellucci.

This beautiful Italian woman has been under utilized in American films until recently, yet her thick Italian accent hasn't been the reason for this. Hopefully we will all be hearing (and seeing) more of Bellucci in the states soon.

Penelope Cruz.

One of the most beautiful women in the world, the native Spaniard Penelope Cruz qualifies as one of the most noticeable actors with an accent, as she is gorgeous and talented in all her roles as a beautiful foreign fox. Chances are, she won't play anything else soon.

Daniel Day Lewis.

Arguably the best actor in the business, Daniel Day Lewis always has a different accent in each film he takes on. In truth, he is Irish, making his role as a revolutionary for "In the Name of the Father" one of his few parts where he wasn't creating a new voice. Soon he will perfect his American midwestern accent when he plays Abe Lincoln.

Tom Hardy.

Becoming more and more popular with roles in major films like "Inception" and "Dark Knight Rises," Tom Hardy is becoming one of the most noticeable actors with an accent out there. He will probably be acting with and without the accent for many years to come in the near future.