9 of The Most Gruesome Movie Deaths In History

Thursday, January 12 by Joseph Gibson

Arbogast, “Psycho”

Arbogast psycho death.jpg

The most famous death in “Psycho” is, of course, the shower scene. But the movie’s other big sequence of violent death is even more shocking and gruesome. Detective Arbogast has diligently tracked the perpetrator of the shower murder to the Bates mansion, right next to the motel. He meets Norma Bates, who promptly slashes him across the face, then stabs him again after he falls down the stairs.

Gromek, “Torn Curtain”


The filmmaker responsible for the gory murders in “Psycho,” Alfred Hitchcock, set out to show how truly difficult it is to kill a man in “Torn Curtain.” Gromek is that man, and star Paul Newman has to stab him (the knife breaks of course), wrestle around with him on the floor, and eventually shove his head into a gas oven.

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