9 Of Our Favorite Cyborgs In Honor Of Cyber Monday

Monday, November 28 by

Jason Priestley

In addition to being a well-liked actor attached to sideburns, Jason Priestley spent much of his time on the auto racing track. That was until an accident during a practice lap forced him into two head-on collisions with concrete walls. Much like The Six Million Dollar Man, doctors had to rebuild him. Or his face and back more specifically. But after several surgeries, Jason Priestley and the shelf that his eyeballs rest on were reassembled. Close call, but Canada managed to retain its favorite son.

Which leads us to…

Six Million Dollar Man

After sustaining severe injuries in a rocket crash, astronaut Steve Austin is rebuilt to become The Six Million Dollar Man. His right arm, both legs, and left eye are replaced with expensive (at the time) bionic implants. These give him enhanced strength, speed, and vision. It also makes getting through airport security a real bitch. But whatever. He’s Lee Frickin’ Majors. If anyone can charm his way through the TSA, it’s him. Plus he fought Bigfoot. How cool is that?

Griff Tannen

Griff Tannen embodies everything we fear about the future. He’s big, mean, and cybernetically-enhanced.  In other words, he’s the King of all Cyberpunks. Hailing from a long line of nogoodniks, Tannen and his gang force the residents of Hill Valley to live in a vice grip of fear. He even has a baseball bat outfitted to be more menacing. Keep your distance.

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